Synagogengemeinde Berlin

Sukkat Schalom e.V.

Hohe Feiertage

Ticket prices
Members and supporting members, relatives (Parents, spouses, adult children) €30.00
Kids from 12, apprentices, students, teenagers. €15.00
Tickets for everyone else (guest tickets) €40.00
Tickets for individual services
(adults) €15.00
Tickets for individual services
(kids from 12, apprentices, students, teenagers) €7.50
Tickets for guests
in foreign currency (individual service) $50.00
Tickets for guests
in foreign currency (all services) $100.00
The tickets should be paid by bank transfer by the 31 August 2023. Please transfer the money to the Sukkat Schalom bank account (IBAN DE66 3706 0193 6004 3610 14 BIC GENODED1PAX). Please enter the amount of tickets and categories in the reference section. Paid tickets will be distributed before the first Holy Day services. Seating cannot be booked in advance.
August 2023
Board of management
Liam Rickertsen        Kai-Alexander Moslé        Rinah Neubauer

Die kommenden Hohen Feiertage, an denen in unserer Synagoge Gottesdienste stattfinden, sind:

Freitag, 15.09.2023  Erev Rosch haSchana

Samstag, 16.09.2023  Rosch haSchana

Sonntag, 24.09.2023  Erev Jom Kippur (Kol Nidre)

Montag, 25.09.2023  Jom Kippur

Freitag, 29.09.2023  Erev Sukkot

Samstag, 30.09.2023  Sukkot

Samstag, 07.10.2023  Erev Simchat Torah